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JD Iselin and the mercenaries of his private military company, Iselin Security Options, have been called in to deal with a situation more secret, more dangerous, and more complex, than any he has dealt with before. With the world’s oil supply hanging in the balance, every decision JD makes must be the right one.

Pitted against his team are the vast resources of the empire of international oil. Operating outside the laws of any nation, the men and women who control the world’s oil compete with each other using every means available. The mercenaries of ISO find themselves pawns in this deadly, high stakes game, where friend and foe are often indistinguishable.


Rogue Patriot

Top secret intelligence indicates North Korea is readying a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile for launch, target unknown. Against Defense Department orders, US Navy Admiral Hallam takes it on himself to send a clandestine SEAL team into North Korea to stop the launch. What they find is even more explosive than the 20 kiloton nuclear warhead on the Tae-Po Dong missile being readied for launch.

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Edge of Reality – Ten Thrilling Stories

Something unexpected – something not quite right. Something unknown causes us to doubt what is real and what is not. Suddenly our safe world contains a threat, a touch of terror, a hint of evil. And now our blood chills, our hearts race, and our sense sharpen until we can hear the minutest sound, see the tiniest flicker of movement in the darkness. But that may not be enough to protect us against whatever hides on the other side of reality.

Available August 2017

The Icy Fire of Deception

The suspense short story, invented by Edgar Allan Poe, and perfected by Guy de Maupassant, has become one of the most popular forms of literature. Icy Fire of Deception gives us eight tales to chill the blood.
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