Posted On: May 4th, 2015 | Posted By: mayecreate

On March 6, 1948 a US military transport plane landed at remote Dhahran airbase in Saudi Arabia, and Major George Trial stepped out into a desert morning, ready to begin his assignment as head of the US Air Force training mission to Saudi Arabia. A year later his wife Ruth, with 3 year old son Mike, join him there. They begin to explore a culture reaching back 4000 years. They learn about the desert Arabs, fierce and proud, but also generous and respectful. But change is coming to this ancient culture as the nearby oil company, ARAMCO, builds the largest oil extraction and refining facilities the world has ever seen, bringing unimaginable wealth to Saudi Arabia. George and Ruth and young Mike are witness to this historic change

From the Kansas prairie and small town in southern Missouri to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, this is the story of George and Ruth’s journey to the Middle East and back.