Deadly DNA

Deadly DNA novella

In her lab at the University of Iowa, graduate student Francesca Mechlin is working on a gene editing process which will permanently eliminate the risk of strokes in humans. But other forces are bent on pirating her research for their own ends. As Francesca attempts to stay one step ahead of these shadowy forces, she discovers they are using a gene edit to widen their control over genetic engineering research. And they may have collaborators within the University.

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Rogue Patriot

Rogue Patriot novella

US Admiral William Hallam has received intelligence reports that North Korea is preparing to launch a missile with a nuclear warhead, target unknown. Without authority from the White House Hallam sends a SEAL team into North Korea to prevent the launch, but now the SEAL team is trapped and the missile countdown continues. Hallam must turn to J.D. Iselin and his mercenaries to get the trapped Navy men out of North Korea and prevent the missile launch.

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New Empires Rising

New Empires Rising novella

J.D. Iselin and his mercenary team are assigned to protect an oil platform off the coast of West Africa from an out-of-control team of mercenaries hired to blow up to disrupt world oil markets. J.D. must contend with corrupt African governments, unscrupulous international oil traders, and combat on an isolated oil platform with no rescue possible.

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Dark Music

Dark Music short stories

Pan, the deposed god of the world, was also the god of music. When he played his syrinx the nymphs danced for the pure joy of being alive. But Pan was a moody god and would sometimes lead the unwary down paths to their own destruction. Pan is gone now. Or is he? Perhaps he still exists lurking in the dark places. Music can soothe, but it can also seduce and destroy.

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Edge of Reality

Edge of Reality short stories

The reality we live in can sometimes shimmer into an entirely unexpected form. The eight stories in this volume illuminate the lives of people who have suddenly and irrevocably passed beyond the edge of their reality. And they find there is no way back.

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Ice Fire of Deception

Ice Fire of Deception short stories

Ever since Poe invented it, de Maupassant perfected it, Arthur Conan Doyle immortalized it, and Alfred Hitchcock televised it, the suspense/mystery short story has become one of the most popular forms of literature. Whether we love the characters or hate them, we remember them. Which is more than can be said for introverted protagonists of far too many mainstream short stories. The suspense/mystery story pulls us quickly along with its narrative drive, sharp motivation, and colorful characters. In these eight stories you’ll meet heroes of varying shades of white, villains not always in black, and characters with consciences every color in between.

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Things Were Never the Same Afterward

Things Were Never the Same Afterward short stories

In every life there are moments when things change and we are never the same afterward. Sometimes we make our choices with careful consideration. Other time circumstances thrust change upon us and we must act quickly. Sometimes it is only in looking back over the space of years that we realize how a small event can cause large change. We may sometimes wonder – who might we have become if we had chosen differently. But in life, there is no going back.

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Black and Gold

Black and Gold memoir

In 1969 the counterculture and campus unrest were at their height. For me and my friends it was an amazing experience to be 20 years old in the midst of all that was occurring on campus and around the world. And over all of this hung the specter of the war in Vietnam. We all came of age that year, redefined ourselves , finished college, and went our separate ways. But the events of that year made an indelible impression on each of us. I have changed all the names of the people in this memoir, but the events I describe all happened.

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White Sky

White Sky memoir

In 1979 I accepted a position as a construction engineer in Saudi Arabia. I call myself Mark Exner (and have changed the names of all the people I knew) in this memoir of my challenges and adventures in my first year working overseas. Assigned to a multi-million dollar project near the isolated desert town of Tabuk, my professional skills were challenged. But it was the tensions and pleasures of construction camp living that provided an equal challenge in this isolated spot. Travel to Jordan, to Greece and Europe, to Africa and Thailand provided a welcome respite, and a fascinating look at other cultures. This book is about at a young man finding his place amidst the difficulties and rewards of overseas work. And finding that coming home is equally difficult.

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Distant Horizons

Distant Horizons memoir

My father, George Trial, grew up on a farm in eastern Kansas, my mother, Ruth Wallace, in the small town of Nevada, Missouri. They when they were both teachers in Kansas City. They married in 1940. But then WWII began, George joined the Army and was transferred overseas. When the war ended Ruth, with me as an infant, joined George in Washington DC. George was offered one last assignment before leaving the Army Air Corps, and decided to take it. He was to be sent to Saudi Arabia as part of a team building and staffing a military air base in Dhahran Saudi Arabia. This assignment changed his life, Ruth’s life, and my life. In 1949 my mother and me, three years old, joined George in Saudi Arabia. The living conditions were difficult but the assignment provided us the opportunity to travel throughout the middle east, Africa, Europe, and the Orient. A remembrance of my parents, growing up in pre-WWII Midwest, and venturing to the Middle East in the late 1940’s.

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Sarah novella

By age 26 Sarah had established herself as a successful painter in New York City. On a trip to Milan she meets Achille and they fall in love, but then Sarah’s younger sister dies in a car accident. Sarah’s sorrow and a touch of guilt cause her to isolate herself. Her painting falters and she breaks off her involvement with Achille, the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Available in early 2021.