Immortality, sort of

It’s impossible to forget the smoky voice and sultry beauty of the late Joan Greenwood. Beautiful and talented, she had a solid career from the 1940’s to the 1980’s, both on the stage in the movies. She is probably best remembered for her role as Lady Bellaston in the 1963 movie Tom Jones, but I believe an obscure 1947 British film called October Man was her best performance. Written and produced by spy-thriller novelist Eric Ambler (remember him?) the film is atmospheric, and fairly suspenseful, with good acting by star John Mills, and an entertaining collection of British film character actors (read that as Dickensian eccentrics.) There are also a couple of shots of trains coming toward the camera that instantly bring David Lean’s film Brief Encounter to mind. But it is the beautiful Joan Greenwood who steals the show.


She died in 1987, but through the magic of movies, we will always have her with us, young and beautiful. Immortal, sort of.

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