“Francesca” is the story of a young graduate student at Iowa University majoring in genetic bioengineering, who stumbles upon an ominous secret. Her research project in gene splicing offers great hope for a cure for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, but it could also be made into a horrific weapon. And certain recent events indicate a clandestine genetic weapon project is underway right there in the University lab.

Which of her fellow researchers could be involved? As she attempts to determine who may be behind this plot, she realizes she is putting herself at risk. And worse, the two people she trusts the most, her boyfriend Rick and her best friend Leah, now seem untrustworthy. Who can she trust and how can she stop this terrifying plot?

Francesca, Chapter 1

Word Count: 1286 Words | Read Time: 3 Min

The party was in full swing as I bolted out the open doors of Knightley Hall. The night air was cool and quiet after the music and laughter inside. I wiped the tears off my...

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